Updated August 16, 2009

You Deserve a Break

Fall 08 / Winter 08 / Spring 09 / Summer 09

Work dates – January 2009 to April 2009

Created with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS3

This document series contains information for students during the four scheduled break periods during the school year. Includes hours of dining services, parking information, closing times for reception desks, locations for book buybacks and other special events.

Revising and updating the information on these documents was the most routine part of each design. However, it was fun finding and developing new graphics for each season as the project deadlines approached. One of the biggest challenges was developing an accurate map detailing parking instructions that would be understandable in black & white.

Updated August 16, 2009

Michigan Tech Open House

.jpg / .pdf .jpg / .pdf .jpg / .pdf
.jpg / .pdf .jpg / .pdf .jpg / .pdf

Work dates – September 2008 to October 2008

Created with Adobe Photoshop CS3

These handouts were developed for the Open House event to provide more information for students' families about the Residence Halls their sons and daughters had been living in. The goal was to make these documents exciting by filling them with photographs of friendly students.

Originally designed as an InDesign document, it became apparent that formatting text size would be much easier in Photoshop. Another focal point of this document was making full use of the color palette in the Michigan Tech style guide. This was reflected in the varied and bright styles in the distinct headers of each document.

Updated August 16, 2009

Michigan Tech Apartments Living Guide

.jpg / .pdf .jpg / .pdf

Work dates – April 2008 to August 2008

Created with Adobe InDesign & Photoshop CS3

An update to the old Apartments Living Guide had become a pressing issue at the start of my position as Graphic Designer for the Michigan Tech Housing office. Outdated contact information along with photographs that had not been updated since the 70s were the bulk of the revision process. Another goal of updating the Living Guide was to modernize the visual rhetoric of the overall design to give residents an assurance that this will be the high-tech environment they have come to expect from Michigan Tech.

A large amount of proofreading and editing was necessary for this project. Coordination with the Apartments office was the most important part of this project which took four months to complete.

Updated August 31, 2009

Michigan Tech Housing - Floor Plans


Work dates – April 2008 to May 2009

Created with Adobe Photoshop CS3

The purpose of these floor plan maps was to make it easier for Housing staff to locate people and hall types throughout the Residence Halls. Finding available rooms within halls of a certain gender type would be the most common application of these maps.

The version that is depicted in this portfolio has been censored to protect student privacy and safety. Recreating a sample document like this with the sensitive information removed was a first for me.

Updated August 31, 2009

Michigan Tech Housing - Student Staff Employment Expo

.jpg / .pdf .jpg / .pdf

Work dates – November 2008 to January 2009

Created with Adobe InDesign CS3

The task for this projects was to develop a document that would be handed out to students interested in working in many different areas of campus employment. Because of the large amount of information for this document it was necessary to arrange it into a booklet. To start, the document was given a template for each job description and departments were asked to submit their information to fill this template. Many times it was necessary for me to edit the information for spelling, grammar, and clarity to fit the standards of the template. Additionally, I was in charge of requesting additional information from departments when necessary.

The newest aspect of developing this document was the printing procedures for creating a saddleback-stapled booklet. It was necessary to understand new kinds of page arrangements and to find a way for several different programs to work together for the final print project.

Updated August 23, 2009

Michigan Tech Athletics - Tricaster Studio Guide

.jpg / .pdf

Work dates – April 2009 to May 2009

Created with Microsoft Word 2007

As the first person to work with this new technology for athletics it was part of my responsibility to develop a manual for accessing common tasks on the Tricaster.

I was the first person in the athletics department to work with the the Tricaster and getting the chance to research new software and technology is always a rewarding experience for me.