We are delighted to be able to welcome you to our restaurant and bar, where you can eat and drink in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We offer Modern British food using the best of local produce.



Our catering staff will be delighted to prepare and serve delectable creations for your meeting or event. We aim to exceed your expectations with unparalleled service, creative cuisine, and the flexibility and variety you deserve.

A full array of food and beverages are available for all meals, receptions, and breaks during your conference. Our catering menu is designed to please every palate and includes options to suit every budget. Our inique conference center service includes a selection of special packages designed to meet the needs of meeting planner and attendees alike.


Come join us as we showcase freshly prepared, hearty, beautifully presented American Fusion food. We offer steaks, fresh fish, pastas and seasonal specials with a full selection of your favorite beverages.